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We believe in providing our best. We use quality, long-lasting materials for all of our projects, and we always give our all. Each Orbit team member is tasked with achieving 100% Customer Satisfaction with every job we take on. We’re so confident in our team and in our work that we offer some of the best warranties available in the industry today!


We believe in doing what’s right, no matter what. We dedicate ourselves to providing the best possible work and customer service that we can, so that you can have confidence in your decision to choose Orbit.


We rely on our customers being happy with our work and telling their friends and neighbors about us. Each member of our team is dedicated to making sure that every customer we serve is thrilled with the results of their project.


At Orbit, we’re excited about what we do! Our passion drives us to grow and improve each and every day. It’s also what drives our desire to give back to our communities and help to make the world a better place.


We are committed to providing top quality service for each and every one of our customers. To us, you’re family! Our services are designed to benefit you and your home and give you beautiful, long-lasting results.

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Switching to Solar Energy

Switching to Solar Energy

Thinking about switching to solar? Good news—going solar has so many benefits and is now more affordable than ever before! Why Switch? Going solar is great for the environment and you! When you make the switch to solar, you reduce your dependence on fossil fuels....

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What Do General Contractors Do?

What Do General Contractors Do?

General contractors coordinate all aspects of a building or remodeling project. They oversee improvements and upgrades from start to finish. In other words, they make sure complex projects come together. General Contracting Projects General Contractors work to...

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Improve Water Quality with a Softener or Filter

Improve Water Quality with a Softener or Filter

Water softeners and water filters both improve the quality of your water. So how do you know which one is best for you and your home? Water Softening Hard water is water with high levels of minerals. It causes spots and stains on your appliances and dishes, build up...

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