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The staff at Orbit Energy & Power have a great deal of experience with power systems, including Standby Generators. The best description we have found for what these are and how they work is a credit to Popular Mechanics:

“Standby generators offer a steadfast solution to extended outages. Unlike portable generators, they’re installed permanently on a concrete pad in your yard and will provide an uninterrupted backup power source for days”.

Orbit Energy goes to market with best in class manufacturer Kohler Power Systems, who has deployed millions of systems all over the world, including systems which run our government’s critical infrastructure on military bases, national laboratories, many hospitals and other mission critical facilities.

We encourage you to call us or come in and visit with us to discuss emergency generators (also known as standby generators). We don’t have to tell you how often we’ve had power outages in New Jersey… Over the last few years we have seen massive storms that have caused numerous power outages lasting days and weeks at a time.

Our standby generators can be installed quickly and affordably, financing is available to qualified buyers.

Backup Generator Warranty

Orbit Energy & Power offers the absolute best standard warranties in the industry today…

  • 5-year Bumper to Bumper No Hassle Warranty on all Kohler Products
  • Standard Manufacturer's Warranty of 5-years or 2,000 hours for Parts

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