There has never been a better time to look into cleaning your home’s air. Air purifiers are carefully constructed systems that were created to vastly improve the quality of air. They work by eliminating harmful pollutants in the air and filtering out allergens and dust. Purchasing an air purifier is a great investment for you and your family!

Allergies to pets? 

We all love our pets. But if you live with a beloved pet and make the sacrifice of constant allergies, an air purifier might be perfect for you and your home! Your allergies to your furry friend are directly correlated to their dander, fur and hair. An air purifier will filter out dander from the air in your home, leaving the air healthier and cleaner for you. 

Does your house smell funky? 

There can be many reasons that your home may have unpleasant odors. Sweaty socks and shoes, kitty litter, pet accidents, or cigarette smoke are common culprits. Whatever the cause, an air purifier will help to eliminate those unwanted nasty smells! 

Do you or your family members have respiratory issues? 

If you or a loved one suffers from respiratory issues such as asthma, or get extreme allergies to things like dust, dander, and pollen, you never know what can be floating in your air and cause an attack. Having an air purifier will always keep your air at the highest quality, and will fight off all of the pollutants floating around in your air. In turn, this will vastly improve any issues with yours or your family member’s asthma or other respiratory problems! 

New house? 

If you just moved in to a freshly built home, you might think that the air will be extremely clean. But you could be wrong! Harmful pollutants such as formaldehyde can be floating around your house, which is extremely dangerous and is known to cause heart problems. Having an air purifier will get rid of the toxins in your home. If you have small children or a baby, getting an air purifier is essential for keeping them safe. In addition, if you moved into a previously owned home, any remaining odors or dander will also be cleaned up well with an air purifier.

Trouble sleeping? 

Things such as dander, dust mites, bacteria and even fungi can be lurking in your home. These pollutants can cause uncomfortable symptoms like coughing, sneezing, watery eyes congestion and a sore throat. All of these things can cause you to toss and turn all night, and not get a proper night’s rest. By getting an air purifier and eliminating these pollutants, may be able to get a better night’s sleep. 

There are many more reasons to get an air purifier. These are just a few great reasons why air purifiers are an amazing investment for your home! Call Orbit today to find out what products will work best for your home and family! Plus, ask about the Air Scrubber purifier! This system is installed directly into your HVAC system to keep the air blowing through it clean and safe.