If you are thinking about saving energy this summer, Orbit is here to help! Here are the top 10 ways we came up with to save energy this summer. 

1: GO SOLAR! One of the best and most efficient ways to spend less on your energy costs is to go solar! With solar panels on your roof, this allows you to use the sun as a free resource of energy for your home!  You’re helping the environment and your pocket with solar! 

2: Turn off your appliances!  If you are going on vacation or staying at a beach home, make sure to turn off your appliances. If no one is home to use them they are ultimately sitting there using up energy, which only results in you spending money on energy you didn’t even use! This is also a safety precaution.

3. If you have fans in your home use them! Instead of cooling your home with Air Conditioning on moderate days, try to open your windows and put some fans on to cut down on your energy use! 

4. Make sure your vents are not blocked! Keeping toys, furniture, pet fur, and other debris away from your vents will allow your appliances to work efficiently. Blocking your vents makes your systems over work which results in damage to your system and higher energy costs, so clear those vents! 

5. Replace your air filter! Just like having your vents blocked, having an air filter that is clogged makes your systems over work themselves. Cleaning or replacing these filters will allow your system to work more efficiently, saving you energy and money. This is a great tip for more than just the summer. Keep your filters clear year-round for best results!

6. Check your pipes for drips! Make sure all the pipes in your home are sealed tight so you are not wasting water and damaging your home! Having a leak in your house can be very costly. Leaks can cause water damage and mold, and the energy you’re using to heat your water is being wasted on the dripping. So, call an experienced technician to inspect all your pipes so you can focus on saving money this summer! 

7. Take shorter showers! During the summer the average family uses more water than they usually do – especially if you have a pool, a big lawn, or a garden. These all need water to keep alive or filled. Pay attention to the way you use your water to save money. You don’t want that water bill to get too high! Here are some other ways to keep from wasting water.

8.  Make use of that grill you have out back!  Heating up your oven to make food is not going to make your cooling system’s job any easier. Get outside and enjoy the nice weather while saving yourself some money. Besides, who doesn’t love steak on the grill or fresh veggie kabobs?

9. Keep your blinds down! Yes, having sun coming through your windows is pleasing, however it definitely does not help your home stay cool. Keep the sun facing windows drawn in the heat of the day when the sun is at its peak. This will allow your home to stay cool while using less energy! 

10. Get an Air Conditioning tune up! There is not a better time to get your system checked before its hardest working time of year! Making sure your system is running efficiently can save you both time and money. It also ensures that you prevent any serious damage or need for repair later on by catching and stopping small problems before they grow!

Following these simple steps to save energy this summer will allow you to enjoy the nice weather and save money while doing it! Call an Orbit Technician to help you keep your home cool and energy efficient all summer long.