Do you want some fresh new ideas to spice up your landscaping this spring? Keep reading our blog to find out five different ways you can spruce up your landscaping and get ready for a beautiful spring season, that are not only easy to do, but look great! 

Interested in flower vines?

 Adding a flower vine to your yard can create a beautiful pop of color and greenery! Different vines grow at different rates, as well as have different life cycles during the seasons. Be sure to do research on the type of vine you’re interested in! Certain vines are super easy to upkeep, while others take maintenance! 

Flower beds to give your yard a bold and colorful look this spring!

Another beautiful way you can add to your yard this spring is by adding more flowers! These can vary from different kinds of flower or bushes, whatever you like! If you’re not keen on gardening or don’t know much about it there are many beginner flowers that you can plant! To name a few…

  • Marigolds
  • Sweet Peas
  • Lavender
  • Daffodils
  • Dahlias
  • Coneflowers

Potted plants always look great! 

Potted plants can give your home a fresh new look! There are many beautiful pots to choose from, as well as different plants you can put in them. Succulents are a great plant to purchase for your yard! Not only are they gorgeous but they are very hard to kill and easy to maintain! 

Add some lights to your yard this spring! 

You can do wonders with just a few light accents surrounding your home! This can turn any yard from looking dim to looking beautiful and illuminated during the evening and at night! By adding lights to your yard, you create a warm atmosphere to always come home to, and you’ll be able to see your beautiful home, and all the hard work you’ve done when you come home at night.

Spring is the perfect time to plant a tree!

This one is super easy and low maintenance! It might not seem like a lot, but as time goes on and your beautiful tree starts to grow you will see a huge difference in your yard! 

Now that you know some ways to make your home more beautiful this spring… What are you waiting for? Contact the landscaping experts at Orbit today to get started!