With our global temperatures increasing and plastic clogging our oceans and waterways, it’s more important now than ever before to make ‘green’ decisions. With these 8 tips, it’s easy to be more earth-friendly in our daily lives!

We can all contribute to protecting and preserving our beautiful Earth!
  1. Be conscious about your water. Saving water and being knowledgeable about your home’s water can be very beneficial. You can use less water on a daily basis by checking your home for leaks, taking shorter showers, and turning off the water when you brush your teeth and shave. Having your water tested for hardness, nitrates, iron, PH and Alkalinity will be an eye-opener as you begin your goal to be green, since filtering out contaminants cleans the water. 
  2. Upgrade to LED light bulbs. Switching to LED light bulbs throughout your home will save you a tremendous amount of energy and money. The average light bulb lasts approximately 1,200 hours. Compare that to an LED light bulb that will last 25,000 hours, produce the same amount of light, and save you a ton of money!
  3. Reduce, reuse & recycle! Recycling properly can save energy, reduce landfills in your surrounding areas, creates many jobs, and can even save you money. By reusing your grocery bags or using canvas totes, you can sometimes save on your total bill, and some coffee shops off bonuses for customers who bring their own cups or mugs! Ask around your local stores to see what they offer! You can also reuse food containers, like glass jars, to store leftovers and reduce food waste.
  4. Plant a tree or garden!  By planting a tree or garden you are contributing to your local environment. Trees and plants breathe in carbon dioxide and release oxygen. They also create homes for many insects and animals! Did you know about Orbit’s tree replacement pledge? For every tree that Orbit cuts down we pledge to plant 3 more in its place by donating to the National Forest Foundation
  5. Install solar panels. Installing solar panels at your home can not only save you boat loads of money, but make your home more eco-friendly, as well. Solar panels provide your home with clean energy to power your home. There isn’t a better way to fully commit to going green at home than going with solar. Learn how Orbit can steer you in the right direction to accomplish your goal! 
  6. Turn off the lights & unplug appliances. By turning off the lights in your home when you leave or are not in the room, you can save yourself an incredible amount of money and energy! Unplugging unused appliances like small kitchen appliances, cable boxes, power strips and computers can also be a huge way to go green this new year.
  7. Have your HVAC appliances maintenanced or upgraded.  Having your heating and air conditioning systems upgraded or inspected to make sure they are working efficiently can save your home energy and money in 2020. Make sure you to check out what HVAC services Orbit provides to make sure your home is running efficiently as possible!
  8. Use durable goods!  Step away from all the plastic cups, utensils, plates and even disposable razors. Switching to ceramic plates, reusable utensils, and reusable razors can improve the fact that all of the plastic and disposable versions of these items end up in landfills and can pollute our earth. Think twice about the products you buy for your home!

Going green in 2020 is an amazing goal to strive for in your home. Check out the services Orbit Energy & Power provides that can assist you in accomplishing your goal of going green this year!