Back-up generators are important for any homeowner, in case there happens to be weather such as high winds or damaging storms. These storms can cause black-outs lasting hours or even days. With a backup energy solution, however, you can be ready to keep your home running.

Uninterrupted Power

Living in an area like Florida is great. There’s beautiful scenery, gorgeous beaches, and it’s always warm! However, it’s important for Florida homeowners to have back-up generators or back-up energy solutions due to the constant threat of hurricanes and other bad weather. 

At Orbit Energy & Power, we have a great deal of experience with power systems, including Standby Generators. A standby generator provides backup power in the event of an outage. These generators can provide uninterrupted power for days! Want a quote? Give us a call or visit our office to learn about emergency generators.

Why Choose a stand-by generator?

Unlike portable ones, standby generators are permanently installed in your yard. Standby generators switch on within ten seconds to provide your home with energy. With the storms we see in Florida and New Jersey, having a source of backup energy is essential. Hurricanes and other storms cause power outages that can last days and weeks at a time. With a generator, you can have a source of energy to power your home even when lines are down or there is a neighborhood blackout. We install our standby generators quickly and affordably. We even offer financing to qualified buyers! Don’t sit in the dark. Call today and get a quote for your home!

Powerful Systems

We pride ourselves on quality here at Orbit. That’s why we use Kohler generators! Kohler Power Systems is the Best-in-Class manufacturer of backup energy systems. Their generators are used in the government’s critical infrastructure on military bases and national laboratories. Additionally, they are installed at many hospitals and other essential facilities. In business since 1920, Kohler takes pride in carefully testing the quality of each generator they produce. They build their systems to last!

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