Solar panels absorb sunlight and convert it into electricity. More sunlight means more energy so you want your panels to be where they will absorb as much light as possible. This placement depends on the size and shape of your house and the position and setting of your property.

Where They Go

If you are looking to add panels to your home, they will most likely be placed on your roof. Most panels are mounted on roofs at an angle for maximum absorption potential. Sometimes they are installed on the ground. This is primarily for commercial projects because ground installation requires a lot of space.

The best place for panels is different on every home. Every house and property is unique. An installer will evaluate your home and its surroundings to determine where your panels should go. They will look at the size and shape of your house and examine your property for trees or obstacles that cause shadows.

Going Solar with Orbit

At Orbit, we make switching to solar easy! Our team will conduct an evaluation and determine the best place for solar panels to go. Then our design team will create a custom energy system that suites your home and your family.

We work hard to make sure your system complements your home. It is our goal to install beautiful and efficient systems that produce to their maximum potential! We will even remove trees at no additional cost to ensure that your panels get the most sunlight possible. Contact us to schedule your free solar consultation today!