High levels of iron in your water cause so many problems! These problems range from unpleasant odor and taste to red stains on clothing and appliances. The Ironmax Iron Water Filtration system from Puronics offers the solution!

How it Works

This whole-house water filtration system maximizes iron, manganese, and sulfide removal. It does all this without using chemicals! The Ironmax uses an air injection filtration process. During this process, air is injected into the greensand media bed. This causes iron, manganese, and sulfides to convert into precipitates. Once converted, they are removed from the water. This chemical free process is effective and eco-friendly!

Intelligent Control 

By using the iGen digital control system, Ironmax promises cost-effective and consistent quality water. iGen keeps track of usage history and flow rates to maximize regeneration. It’s easy to operate and ensures your Ironmax works when and how you need it.

Why Choose Ironmax?

The Ironmax is a great investment for your home! It will protect and preserve your appliances, prevent stains, and supply your home with clean, better tasting water. Iron causes stains on clothing, appliances, and fixtures. Save money by preserving and maintaining the appearance of your belongings!

Orbit Water Solutions

If you have high levels or iron in your water, contact Orbit Water Solutions! We will conduct a free Water Quality Test. The test will show exactly what’s in your home’s water! Once the test is complete, we will suggest the best options for you. Contact us today to schedule your Water Quality Test and learn more!