Increase your home’s comfort and efficiency by adding a smart thermostat! Smart thermostats allow homeowners to have increased control over their home’s temperature. Minimize your energy costs by heating or cooling your home only when you need to!

Control the Temperature from Your Phone

Control the temperature in your home right on your phone! Smart thermostats allow you to make adjustments no matter where you are from an app on your phone. Turn your system on or off as needed or adjust the temperature when you’re away. With this added control, you’re not paying to keep your heating and cooling system running when it is not needed.

Program Your Temperature Preferences

Smart thermostats are easily programable and can be put on a schedule that suites your temperature preferences. Remove the need to constantly change the temperature in your home. Your smart thermostat will do it for you!

In addition, most smart thermostats have movement detectors that can tell when members of the family are home and active. Over time, they learn movement patterns and adjust the heating and cooling schedule of the house accordingly.

Analyze Your Usage

Smart thermostats also store your usage data so you can analyze your energy usage.  They provide you access to data that would otherwise be unknown. If you receive a high electric bill one month, you are able to access your usage data and see exactly how your usage has changed. See how usage changes from season to season, month to month, week to week.

Add a Smart Thermostat to Your Home

Orbit’s HVAC team is happy to help homeowners increase their comfort and save money by adding smart thermostats to their homes! If you have any questions or would like to learn more, contact the heating and cooling experts at Orbit today!