Your roof protects you from the elements and completes your home; without a roof, your house would just be four walls. When something is so integral to your home you need to make sure you take care of it properly. So let’s start by helping you determine if it’s time to start replacing your roof.

Tell tale signs that you need a new roof

There are a few tell tale signs that it may be time for you to look into replacing your roof. For starters, if it’s been more than 20-25 years since your home’s roof has been installed then it’s definitely time for some upkeep. Another way to know it’s time to start replacing your roof is if it’s sagging or there are any visibly cracked tiles. Moss growing on any roofing materials is yet another way to tell you should look into replacing your roof. Now that we’ve gone over some of the ways to tell if it’s time to start replacing your roof, let’s go over what to expect when getting a roof replacement!

Choosing the right style may take longer than you anticipate!

Something people don’t always consider is all of the different colors and styles you can choose when replacing your roof. For example, do you want shingles made of asphalt, slate, or metal? Most people don’t even realize metal shingles exist as they only gained popularity recently. Besides picking the material, there’s also a plethora of colors to choose from making the decision all that more difficult. One way to help you narrow down the decision making is sitting down and deciding which shingle colors match the color of your home best. It’s important to consider the unique benefits each different shingle type provides before making a final decision! So now that you’ve decided on a style and color what’s next?

What to Expect when they’re replacing your roof

When it finally comes time to start replacing your roof expect it to be loud. Very loud. It’s nothing that can’t be managed but it’s something to take into consideration. You should also ensure the company you go with will actually remove your old roof. Certain contractors will just place new shingles over your old roof. If you have wood rot or soft spots on your roof, covering them in new shingles will not solve the problem. The best way to ensure you have a sturdy long lasting roof is by making sure the company you go with will fully remove the old roof before installing the new one. As always it is important to carefully read over all contracts and documents before signing to make sure you’re getting honest, reliable service.

Replacing your roof can seem like a huge undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be. Just sit down, take a deep breath, and take it one step at a time. After just simply reading this article you’re already more prepared for getting your roof replaced! If you need any more tips check out Orbit Roofing!