What should you do when snow is covering your solar panels? First step- don’t panic! Remember that your solar energy system is designed to remain outdoors in poor weather, rain, wind, and- of course- sunshine. The technology is advanced and the panels are built for endurance! If you are expecting snow, it is natural to expect snow to land on your panels. Will snow damage your panels? The short answer is no. 

Will Snow Damage My Solar Panels?

Snow damaging your solar energy system is extremely unlikely. Solar panels can usually hold up to four feet of snow without problems. You don’t need to worry about low temperatures or the cold, either! Manufacturers design solar panels to remain intact and work perfectly fine under harsh weather. 

You may be wondering if snowfall can reduce your panels’ energy production. Unfortunately, you may notice that your production is lower in the winter or during snowfall. Your solar energy system needs sunlight to produce energy, and if there is a heavy snowfall that covers your panels, the snow will end up blocking light from reaching the solar cells. This only affects people that live in areas with heavy snowfall in the winter months.

In addition, your solar energy system is designed based on multiple months of your energy usage. This means that it will produce energy based on your average usage. With net metering, you can build up energy credits with your utility company. These will come into play during months that your panels don’t produce as much.

What to Do when Your Panels are Covered in Snow

Since snowfall can affect your panels’ energy production, you may assume that cleaning the snow off your panels would be a good idea. However, you really don’t need to! The sun will more than likely melt away the snow on your roof and panels very quickly. Many solar experts actually suggest that you do not clear off snow from your panels. By clearing off the snow, you risk scratching or potentially damaging your panels in other ways. If there is too much snow that isn’t melting off even after a lot of time, then you should call your solar installer/provider and ask what you can do in order to get your panels producing more energy. All in all, snow on solar panels will not damage your system, and it’s best to leave it be unless there is a dire situation.

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