It’s finally summer! It’s time to go to beach, drink some fruity drinks and bask in the sun! Nothing is better than a warm sunny day spent relaxing, which is why summer is one of the best seasons! Another reason summer is one of the best seasons is because of all the sunshine we get throughout the months. Hours and hours of gorgeous sun, which creates a great opportunity for switching to solar energy! So why not switch with Orbit?

We make switching to solar easy! First, your Solar Representative will assess your home and your utility usage. Next, our design team will create a custom energy system to suit your needs. We work hard to make sure your system complements your home! Then, our office will take care of permitting in-house before we install your solar panels. Once they are installed, we will schedule inspections with your township, then get permission to operate from the utility company. Finally, we will activate your system so you can reap the benefits of solar!

We will also help you save money! Orbit Energy’s Residential Solar Program helps eliminate your electric bill completely. We offer flexible financing solutions such as $0-down and Power Purchase options. With energy costs rising every year, your electric bill will likely do the same. However, you can prevent the increased expenses with fixed payments for solar. In addition, our team will make sure you receive all the state and federal incentives available for switching to solar. There’s no risk and no need for investment! With a solar energy system, you can even increase the value of your home by an average of 4.1%! 

So why not look into going solar? You save money all while saving the environment too! Let’s take advantage of this beautiful weather together, and come get a quote today! 

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