We constantly hear about energy efficiency and how important it is. Inefficient heating and cooling equipment can waste money, and it often fails to keep your home comfortable properly! Before choosing a new heating unit or air conditioner, consider the equipment’s SEER score.

What is a SEER score?

SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. It measures the annual energy consumption as well as the efficiency of your unit’s heating or cooling ability during its daily usage. The higher the SEER value, the less energy your unit will use. Older units have a seer number of 10 or less, which means that it isn’t an efficient piece of equipment. This also means that it costs more to run it, since it requires more energy to do the job. An efficient air conditioner can boost SEER values all the way up to 25 or higher! This means that your heating and cooling unit will be more energy efficient. Efficient units cost less to run in order to do their jobs, and they keep your home more comfortable, too!

How can I check my home’s efficiency?

Make sure you get an energy assessment to really know how much energy you’re using and to see if your home is truly energy efficient. The assessment reviews proper insulation levels, current equipment, and more. The efficiency expert will also recommend ways to boost indoor air quality. An energy assessment can help you see how much energy you’re using, and as a result can help you lower energy bills, give you a more comfortable and durable home, increase your home resale value, and reduce your carbon footprint!

Heating and cooling equipment will be required to have a higher energy efficiency rating starting in 2023! Get ahead of the curve by installing a new unit with a high SEER score. With an energy efficient HVAC system and an energy assessment, you can enjoy a more comfortable home and lower energy usage! Keep your home energy efficient with Orbit Heating and Cooling Services.