Is your tap water really safe to drink? The short answer is, in most states your water has some serious chemicals and metals in it that can be bad for your health! Here are just some of the chemicals and metals that might be lurking according to a 2017 article from


This heavy metal can get into your water from lead pipes and other plumbing fixtures. Lead can cause detrimental health effects. 


Bacteria, parasites and viruses that can cause illness can get into water supplies that aren’t treated properly to kill these germs. Thankfully, this is more controlled today than in the past. However, it is still a threat to your health.

Chlorine treatment by-products

Chemicals that are used in the disinfection process may cause cancer and reproductive problems if they are present in high quantities. These chemicals kill things like bacteria. But you don’t want them to be present in dangerous quantities!


The EPA estimated that in 2000, almost 36 million Americans were drinking water that contained arsenic at or above 3 parts per billion. However, since then, arsenic levels across the country declined. This, at least, is good news!


Nitrates occur naturally in plants and soil at low quantities. However, they have become a widespread contaminant because of its use as fertilizer. Runoff from farms end up flowing into surface and ground water, which ends up in your tap. 

Vinyl Chloride

This is used to make PVC plastic products, such as PVC piping. This is a cancer causing contaminant can end up coming from older PVC piping and was found in the drinking water of some communities across the country. 


This is a toxic chemical that can disrupt thyroid hormone production. Tests showed perchlorate in the supply of at least 26 states.


Prescription drugs can enter the supply when patients flush their unused medications down the sink or toilet. 

These are all terrifying chemicals and metals that you can possibly be ingesting.  Get your water tested to make sure it is clean and safe! Orbit is a Core Member of the Water Quality Association ( We firmly believe in the importance of hydration and water quality.