Air conditioner filters, coils, and fins need regular maintenance in order for the unit to function properly and effectively throughout its lifetime. Not doing necessary maintenance creates a constant and certain decline in your air conditioning performance. In addition, neglecting your system means your energy use continues to increase.

Ensure Warranty and Efficiency

With regularly scheduled maintenance, you can keep your cooling system running smoothly and efficiently. You can even catch issues before they cause serious damage to your system! This helps you save money in operation costs, and also helps you to avoid repair expenses. Additionally, many manufacturers require regular maintenance in order for the system’s warranties to remain valid. By keeping up with maintenance, you can help ensure the manufacturer’s warranty remains in effect on your system. Give yourself peace of mind and know that your system is covered for as long as possible.

Don’t Wait for a Breakdown

There’s nothing worse than having your air conditioner break down right in the middle of a heat wave. Have your system inspected before the hot summer days arrive! This way, you can help to prevent expensive repairs or breakdowns during potentially dangerous summer temperatures! Our Technicians will check your cooling system to ensure that it is ready to go for the summer season. We recommend inspecting your system every year when the weather is still cool, ideally in late winter or early spring.

For most manufacturer warranties, it is important to get your systems checked regularly in order for these warranties to stay valid. 

All in all, routine check-ups, maintenance and repairs are important because they keep your air conditioner running smoothly. Regular maintenance also keeps your energy usage lower, since your conditioner won’t have to work harder if it’s already been repaired. You can find problems before they become serious by getting regular maintenance. Call for a Heating Expert from Orbit today! You can also learn more about regular maintenance from