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Saving Money with Solar

We always tell our customers that they can save money with solar, but we want to show you the proof. Orbit Company President Sean Angelini shared his most recent electric bill with us last week. Sean used to pay anywhere from $350 to $550 each and every month on his electric bill. After going solar with Orbit Energy & Power, Sean only has to pay about $5.96 per month!

In addition to saving nearly $545 each month, Sean receives Solar Renewable Energy Certificates- referred to as SREC’s- from New Jersey for reducing his carbon emissions and going solar. Each month’s SREC adds up- Sean averages around $220 a month, but he recently received a check for over $400. The money he’s saving on his electric bill combined with his monthly SREC’s more than covers his solar payments. The $5 he pays to his utility company covers a standard connection charge.

We only have one question- what will you do with the money you can save by going solar with Orbit Energy & Power?

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