Not sure what’s fact and what’s fiction when it comes to solar energy? Never fear, that’s why Orbit is here. Solar myths can be really confusing, when the whole goal of solar is to simplify your energy. That’s why we’re looking at 5 common myths about solar energy, and we’re busting them wide open! 

1. Myth: Solar energy is too expensive.

This may have been true at one time. However, the cost of solar panels has drastically decreased over the years as the technology was explored and made more readily available to consumers. Now, in most areas, financing a solar energy system costs less than getting your energy from a utility company. Orbit offers a variety of options from no-money-down financing to cash purchase to suit your financial needs.

2. Myth: Solar panels don’t work in the winter.

The sun still shines even when it’s cold! Unless your panels are covered in snow, they will still produce energy in the winter. Your solar energy system is designed to be as efficient as possible for your home. While you may be producing less energy in the winter, you’ll make up for it in the summer months. Consider this solar myth busted wide open!

3. Myth: Going solar means I’m off the grid!

You will still be on the electrical grid when you go solar. This is so that extra energy your system produces has somewhere to go. If you are concerned about losing power in a neighborhood blackout, consider installing a generator! With a generator, you won’t have to worry about losing power when there is a storm or a power line is down.

With black solar panels, your installation is both beautiful and efficient!
4. Myth: Solar panels are free from the government.

Many solar companies will tell you that the government is giving you your solar panels for free. While this isn’t exactly the case, the government does offer a variety of incentives that help make going solar more affordable, such as a federal tax credit. Some states, including New Jersey, also offer additional incentives. 

5. Myth: Solar lowers your home’s value.

Actually, having a solar energy system can give your home’s value quite the boost! After all, who wouldn’t want to choose a home that has virtually no electric bill? If you decide to move before your solar loan is finished, you can transfer your loan to the new homeowners. Just give us a call, and we’ll help you through the process. Zillow has an article about it right here.

Orbit offers FREE No-Obligation Solar Consultations so that you can find out if switching to solar is right for you and your home! If you have any questions or are interested in learning more details about going solar, give us a call at 1-800-836-3987 or email for more information. We are always happy to ease your concerns and explain how easy it is to switch to solar.