All throughout the country, solar has become more and more of a common addition to the average American home. Solar energy is gaining in popularity, and many homeowners are enjoying the benefits. Keep reading to find out if solar energy is right for you and your home! 

Are your electric bills high? 

One of the main reasons people invest in solar energy is the fact that it lowers their electric bill exponentially. Certain states also have living conditions such as high heat or cold temperatures, which can cause your home more energy consumption. If you’re located in a state that has an high average for electricity rates, you can save a major amount of money with solar! If you pay more than $100 to $150 a month, solar energy would be a huge money saver in the long-run! 

Where do you live?

Do you live in a super sunny area or a cloudy area? Solar panels obviously run on… Solar! So, if you live in a place like Seattle, Washington, solar panels might not be the best option for your home since the weather is usually cloudy and rainy. Panels will still produce energy. However, it won’t be as much power as someone in a sunnier region of the states! At that point, you might just need a few more panels. Your Solar Expert should be able to offer you solutions to provide a good offset of your electrical usage. If you’re in a place like California or Florida, your panels will produce tons of energy! You don’t have to live in a constantly sunny area to have solar panels. Just keep in mind that cloudier weather means you may not get the same results from solar panels as you would during sunny weather. 

Does your state offer solar incentives? 

Many states offer solar incentives to give you even more of a reason to go solar! These incentives lower the price of your install as well as make the payback of your solar energy system happen quicker, as well!

Is your roof compatible with solar panel installation? 

When considering solar energy, consider also your home’s roof. The age, materials used, size and angle of your roof should all be taken into account when looking to go solar. You also should be aware that if your roof is shaded, your solar panels won’t get as much sunlight as a roof directly in the sun, which can affect the energy production from your panels. 

So now you might be thinking to yourself, how do I know my home is right for solar? Well, here are home details that are perfect for solar energy! 

  • Your roof is at an angle of 30 degrees. 
  • No buildings, or trees cast shadows on your roof, and your roof gets ample sunlight. 
  • Your roof faces the south or west. By facing in those directions, your roof gets more sunlight than those that are not facing these directions.
  • Your roof is relatively new and there is no damage (if your roof is older, check out how you can save even more by bundling your new roof with solar at the same time!)

Interested in solar energy for your home? Give us a call for a free solar consultation! We can’t wait to help you.