For many, holiday baking is a tradition that is truly delicious. If you’re like us, you’re probably thinking of what kinds of cookies to make for your family this holiday season. Did you know, however, that your water can change the way your baked goods taste? That’s right! Soft water in baked goods makes a difference. Keep reading to find out why your cookies might taste off if you don’t have filtered water!

What is hard water?

Hard water is water that has many minerals, particles and bacterias lurking within it. These things in your water can vastly change the taste of it, and it can also affect your appliances, dishes, silverware… Even your hair, skin and nails! 

If you’ve noticed a thin film on your hands after a good sudsy wash, you might have an issue with hard water in your tap. The film is caused by your soap reacting with calcium that’s in your water. You might find yourself scrubbing harder or longer than you would if you had clean water, which can get bothersome after a while. 

If your silverware or dish-ware have stains on them, this is also another tell-tale sign that you have hard water. These mineral stains can also appear on your clothing as well, since the same water in your tap and dishwasher is also used in your washing machine! 

With all of these minerals causing stains on your appliances and clothes, and film on your hands after washing them, you should also take into account that this water can affect the way your food tastes! 

What does that have to do with my cookies?

Hard water can make your water taste slightly salty, and even bitter. This is caused by a reaction in the water to too much calcium and magnesium. Because of these pollutants in your water, it can cause your holiday baking or other recipes including water to have a sour taste to them, even if you’ve followed the recipe perfectly with no mistakes! Some breads and cakes especially may not even rise properly or be as fluffy as they are supposed to be.

Keep your baking and holiday cooking tasting fresh and the way its supposed to with a water filtration system from Orbit, and a free water test to see if you have hard water!

Check out these sweet recipes for holiday cookie ideas! While you’re shopping for ingredients, don’t forget the most important one- clean, soft water! Use soft water in baked goods, and enjoy the difference! 

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