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What are your energy goals?

Whether you’re looking to be more efficient, stay powered on during a blackout, or upgrade your home, our master team of electricians is ready to assist you!

Backup Energy Solutions

Worried about a power outage? Keep your home running even in a blackout with a backup generator! If you already have a solar energy system or are you looking to install one, consider a battery storage system to provide backup power!

Electrical Repairs

If your power keeps flickering or dimming, or your fuse keeps blowing, give us a call. We’d be happy to take a look and help you find and fix the problem!

Energy Assessments

Energy Assessments are a way to evaluate your home’s energy efficiency. Wasted energy is wasted money! With an energy assessment, you can also learn how to make your home more comfortable. And that’s how homes should be!

Wiring & Upgrades

If you’re adding a new addition to your home, or looking to upgrade your current wiring, call our master electricians for assistance! We’re happy to help!

Efficient Lighting

LED Lighting can last much longer than traditional lighting. At the same time, it uses less energy to brighten the room. LED lighting is a great option for offices, schools, and other large areas looking to use less energy.

Power Your Ride

We are proud to install electric vehicle charging stations for homes and businesses! More and more vehicle owners are choosing electric or hybrid cars. Charging at home is more efficient! If you’re a business owner, consider offering your customers and employees somewhere to power up their vehicles.

Energy Generators

Electrical Services

LED Lighting

Electric Vehicle Charging

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