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When your heater stops warming your home or your air conditioner makes weird noises, there’s only one number to call. If you’re looking for a repair, a new heater or air conditioner, or an energy assessment, Orbit Technicians are ready to take on the challenge!

Call our NATE-certified technicians to keep your heating or cooling system running the way it should. We’ll take time to understand your situation. Only then can we recommend the most appropriate course of action. Before work ever begins, we can run through each of your service options so that you are always in the loop on the work being performed in your home or business. Call us today and let our experts get to work restoring your safety and comfort.


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What can our Technicians do for you?

Our Technicians are thoroughly trained to provide you and your home or business with the best care. They are Nate-Certified and are constantly trained in order to offer expert solutions for your heating and cooling systems!

Replacement and Installation

Need a new heating or cooling system? Our Expert Technicians will help you find the HVAC system and accessories that best suit your family’s needs, then work quickly and carefully to install it in your home.

Maintenance & Tune-Ups

Performing regular maintenance helps keep your heating and cooling systems running at peak performance. Take care of minor issues and prevent potentially expensive work later on. It also helps maintain the manufacturer’s warranty on the system.

Energy Assessments

Energy Assessments are a way to evaluate your home’s energy efficiency. Wasted energy is wasted money! With an energy assessment, you can also learn how to make your home more comfortable. And that’s how homes should be!


Loud noises? Strange smells? Sounds like your system needs a repair! Our Expert Technicians will find the problem and work quickly to provide you with a solution and any necessary repairs, getting you back up and running in no time.

Upgrades and Accessories

Adding proper accessories like humidifiers, thermostats, and clean filters to your system help keep it running more efficiently. It also helps keep your home more comfortable and the air flowing through it cleaner!

Seasonal Inspections

With a seasonal inspection, our Technicians will look over your equipment to ensure it is functioning properly. Have your heating and cooling system inspected before you truly need it to make sure you’re not caught without it!

Services for your Home & Business

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Learn about our services, your equipment, and so much more with the latest articles on our blog! Have questions? Give us a call and ask to speak to an expert. Our team will be able to give you any information you need to best assist you.

Why Should You Get an Air Purifier?

Why Should You Get an Air Purifier?

There has never been a better time to look into cleaning your home’s air. Air purifiers are carefully constructed systems that were created to vastly improve the quality of air. They work by eliminating harmful pollutants in the air and filtering out allergens and dust. Purchasing an air purifier is a great investment for you and your family!

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Do You Need a New Heater?

Do You Need a New Heater?

Have you been thinking about replacing your furnace? The colder months have been pretty unpredictable lately, and you might need to get a new heater to make sure you, your family, and your home stay warm throughout the season. But how do you know if it’s really time? There are many ways to tell when you should invest in a new heater or furnace!

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The Consequences of Not Changing Your Air Filter

The Consequences of Not Changing Your Air Filter

The air filter in your HVAC system is what filters out all of the harmful particles floating around in the air, and without it, you’ll be breathing all of that in! Keep reading to find out some problems you may experience by not changing your air filter.

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