A Beautiful Roof is the Icing on the Cake.

Need a new roof? The experts at Orbit Energy & Power are here to help. With roofing professionals on our team, we’re just one call away from helping you keep your home protected. We specialize in installing new roofing for your home. Have a leak? We can also make repairs! We’re here to provide you with a roof you can be proud of. After all, we want you to brag about our work to your friends and neighbors! That’s why we are dedicated to providing quality craftsmanship and best-in-class materials to get the job done. Get a quote today!

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Quality materials for a durable, long-lasting roof.

At Orbit, we believe quality is top priority. That’s why we use high quality GAF materials, giving you a Lifetime Warranty. Timberline® High Definition® Shingles are the brand preferred by homeowners in North America for their reliability, high-quality performance, and beauty. In addition, we offer several shingle colors to choose from, allowing you to pick a style that suits you!

Best Warranties in the Industry

Orbit offers the best warranties available on many of our services. Additionally, GAF is so confident in their product that they offer a Lifetime Ltd. Warranty! This warranty is valid for as long as you, the original homeowner, live in the home. In many cases, they can even be transferred to new homeowners if you choose to move. Even the most basic warranty offered by GAF includes a 15-Year Wind Warranty. Ask your roofer about the warranties available to you!

  • Lifetime Warranty for GAF Shingles
  • 10-Year GAF Algae Warranty for StainGuard-Labeled Shingles
  • 15-Year GAF Wind Warranty Coverage
  • 8-Hour Emergency Response Time by Phone/ 24-Hour Response On-Site
  • 10-Year GAF Algae Warranty for StainGuard-Labeled Ridge Caps

Accent your home with a beautiful roof!

Whether you prefer to keep it classy or go bold, we have the shingle color to suit your style. Orbit offers several beautiful colors of Timberline® HD® Shingles to choose from!




Pewter Gray


Weathered Wood

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Pair your roof with solar energy!

Even GAF agrees that there’s no better time to go solar than when you’re getting a new roof! And if you’re installing a new Solar Energy System, you want to have confidence that your roof is in good condition. By bundling a new roof with a solar energy purchase, you can take advantage of government incentives that can help you save money. Plus, you’ll save yourself even more in the long run by not having to remove the solar panels later on to replace your roof. We use elegant black solar panels so that your finished project looks clean and beautiful!

Solar for Home

Solar for Business

Battery Storage

Learn how combining solar and roofing can help you save!

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