Congratulations to our Prize Winners!

Our prize winners have been selected! Congratulations to all the winners!



Amanda Paziora- 75″ TV

Shannon Henry- 65″ TV

Jody Davis- 50″ TV

David Dupper- Electric Scooter

Casie Zarin- Electric Scooter

Christine Naddeo- Electric Scooter

Ellen Richardson- Hoverboard

Debra Weick- Hoverboard

Cheryl Malone- Hoverboard

Staci Schlagle- Airpods

Candice Metzger- Airpods

Sally Ortiz- Airpods

Timothy Morford- Apple Watch

Angela Finnie- Apple Watch

Michele DiMeo- Apple Watch

Michael Mullen- G Shock Watch

Geri Ann Deputy- G Shock Watch

Maceo Morris- G Shock Watch


How to Claim Prizes

If you’re a winner, congratulations! We have reached out to all our prize winners to set up times to pick up their prizes. 

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