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There are many benefits in switching to solar energy! Reap the benefits of financial savings, renewable energy, and more. Learn more about how solar can benefit you and your home with a free consultation with one of our solar experts!

Environmentally Friendly

No matter where you live, solar energy is a fantastic way to be more environmentally friendly! Solar panels produce much cleaner energy than even ‘clean’ natural gas or coal, and the panels are long-lasting. They can also be carefully recycled!

Fight Rising Utility Costs

Electric bills are predicted to keep going up as utility costs rise. Stop worrying about how high the utility rates are getting! Produce your own energy with solar. Sunlight is free! You won’t experience a rising cost of the sunlight your panels use.

Quality Materials

Solar panels are designed to last about 25-35 years. We’re so confident in the quality of our solar energy systems that we offer amazing 25-Year warranties! The durable panels stand up to rain, snow, heat, and more.

Monthly Savings

By generating your own electricity, you purchase less from the utility company. This means you will have a much lower electric bill. Many homeowners only have to pay the basic connection charge, and the rest of the bill is eliminated!

Increase Home Value

Why wouldn’t you want to purchase a home with little to no electric bill? Having solar panels is a selling point for many homes, and can increase the value of the home, too! This means even more money in your pocket.

Predictable Payments

Instead of wondering how much your monthly bills will be, enjoy predictable, fixed payments for your solar energy system! With flexible financing solutions, Orbit can assist you with finding the best payment plan for your needs.

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New Jersey


From the beginning of the process to the end was just a great experience. My sales rep, Andrew, was awesome. I was confused about how this whole solar power work, but with him patiently explaining to me over and over again, I finally got the idea after 1 hour. The installers, financing, office personnel, everyone was remarkable. I truly can’t express how satisfied I am with the service as a whole. I recommended this company to everyone I know. Orbit definitely is the way to go.

Antoine M.

Orbit did a phenomenal job on our solar installation with battery (Tesla Powerwall) backup. They know what they are doing and made every phase of the project from planning and design to installation and then final operational approval smooth and efficient. Also, the installers and electricians were very courteous and clean and were a pleasure to work with.

John M.

What a great experience with terrific results! They were very professional, courteous and took the time to explain everything involved with having solar power installed. The man who sold it to us really believed in his product. He was friendly, courteous, and worked with us to give us a great price. The installers did a great job and finished in 2 days. Looks great and the savings are terrific. Over the summer, and since, have not have to pay any electric bills. My plan has me paying a monthly bill to the energy company each month that will never change until it’s paid off. It is significantly lower than what I was paying for electric.

William E.

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