Saving Money with Solar

Rooftop solar systems are not ideal for every home. If your roof is not at the right angle or does not have enough space, you may want to consider a ground-mounted solar system. These systems produce just as much energy as standard roof systems. Ground mounts provide you the opportunity to place your system on the ground in an ideal spot on your property. A Solar Expert will assess your home and determine the best type of system for you and your family!

With over 20 years of industry experience, Orbit Energy & Power is home to Solar Experts in both Residential and Commercial projects. At Orbit, we’re dedicated to making sure your project is completed easily and properly. We use high quality materials and trained professionals to get the job done right. We even take care of all permitting and fees right here in our office, saving you the hassle of extra paperwork!

The Executive Management of Orbit have been collectively involved in Solar Technology for more than 30 years. Our experience ranges from 5kw Residential Solar Systems all the way through high profile Commercial Solar Projects like Lincoln Financial Field (Eagles Home Stadium), to include large scale multi-megawatt utility projects around the country.

Orbit Energy is one of the most progressive companies in North America, but we are much more than just a Solar Company. Orbit Energy is rapidly becoming recognized as an innovative leader in green technologies by combining best in class products engineered to maximize efficiency while reducing costs. Orbit Energy offers a diverse selection of products and services designed to offer improved energy efficiency and quality of life while reducing environmental impact.


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Government incentives for going solar!

Our team will make sure you receive all the state and federal incentives available for switching to solar, like a 30% Federal Tax Credit! Many states offer additional incentives for switching to clean energy. These incentives help to make solar energy for your home even more affordable. Ask your Solar Expert what incentives are available to you!

How does it work?

There are many benefits in switching to solar energy! Reap the benefits of financial savings, renewable energy, and more. Learn more about how solar can benefit you and your home with a free consultation with one of our solar experts!

#1 Site Assessment

We will start out with your solar site assessment. By assessing your property and getting accurate measurements, we can design the best possible system for your needs.

#2 Design & Planning

After we’ve assessed your property, our team will design a custom solar energy system to suit your needs and compliment your roof shape and size.

#3 Permitting

Our local office is fully equipped to take care of all permitting involved in your solar energy process. After the design is finished, we’ll work with your local township to get all the necessary paperwork taken care of.

#4 Installation

Once we’ve received approval on the permits, a member of our office team will reach out to you in order to schedule your solar energy system installation.

#5 System Inspection

When your solar energy system has been fully installed, we will schedule any necessary inspections with your local municipalities and let you know when to expect them.

#6 Activation

Finally, your utility company will grant us Permission to Operate. Once we have this, we can work with you to activate your solar energy system so that you can enjoy your new clean and green renewable energy!

Quality materials for a quality system.

Here at Orbit, we take great pride in our workmanship. We want every job we complete to be a five-star showcase item. That’s why each member of our team is tasked with achieving total customer satisfaction, from our office staff to our technicians. We pledge to provide quality service and products for each and every one of our customers. We are confident in our Technicians’ expertise and the quality of our products. From our water softeners to our solar installs, we stand by our work. That’s why we offer the best warranties in the industry for many of our services!

Best Warranties Available.

Orbit Energy & Power offers the absolute best standard residential warranties for solar energy systems!

  • 25-Year Module Manufacturer Warranty
  • 25-Year Micro Inverter Manufacturer Warranty
  • 25-Year Racking/ Mounting Manufacturer Warranty
  • 25-Year System Performance & Production Guarantee
  • 25-Year Roof Leak Warranty (as it directly relates to the means & methods of our roof-top solar installation)
  • 25-Year Orbit Energy & Power “Bumper to Bumper” Complete System Warranty including Bi-Annual Preventative Maintenance and 24/7 System Monitoring
  • 8-Hr Emergency Response by Phone, 24-Hr Response On-Site

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