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How is Your Water Supplied?

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What is Puronics®?
Puronics® is known to be one of the best water purification manufacturers in the world, made in America since 1947. Formerly known as General Ionics, they are an internationally recognized brand name for Water Softening and Water Purification Systems. Many Puronics® water softeners incorporate a SilverShield® HYgene® filter to inhibit bacteria growth within the filter media bed. The technology behind this proprietary product was adapted from NASA’s silver ion technology developed to purify water for the astronauts aboard the Space Shuttle Orbiters. Puronics® is the preferred Water Filtration manufacturer for several recognizable national name brand clients, such as Corona Brewery, the Marriott hotel, Hilton Hotel and Resorts, restaurants like Outback Steakhouse®, many hospitals, pharmaceuticals, and more.

Why choose Orbit Water Solutions for Water Purification?
Orbit is a Core Member of the Water Quality Association. We are actual Water Treatment Experts! Orbit Water firmly believes that quality water is important for your family’s safety and health. We also believe in providing exceptional customer service! Fully licensed, bonded, and insured, we have a physical office, human staff to answer calls, and trained Water Filtration Technicians to install, maintain and service our Water Softening Systems.

We test your water for:

Hard water contains calcium and other minerals that cause water spots, stains, and build-up in your plumbing and water-using appliances, such as your water heater. It can also cause your hair and skin to feel dried out. Water softening systems make your water feel smoother and gentler. Read more about the differences between soft water and hard water!

Chlorines & Chloramines
Chlorines and chloramines are used by cities, townships, and municipalities to ensure there is no bacteria or other living organisms in the water they deliver to your home. Different areas use different chemicals in varying amounts to treat water. While some areas contain merely traces, others contain very high levels. Some are even higher than pool water. These chemicals are certainly not good for your health, and there is no reason to allow them into your home.


Homes with iron in their water typically show red stains or rust color stains on fixtures, fences, sidewalks, inside toilet bowls, sinks, and bathtubs. Have you ever noticed that your water has a ‘metal’ taste? It could very well be because of high iron levels!


Anything in the water that is not water is also called precipitation. This test reveals how much “junk” is in your water. It could be micro sediments, agricultural waste or industrial compounds from the groundwater, or iron or rust particles from the pipes. Long story short, it could be many things, but none of them are supposed to be in your water. Water filters will clean these particles and leave you with fresher, healthier water.

PH and Alkaline

High alkaline water is extremely beneficial to your health. Low PH water is acidic and can have a negative impact on your plumbing, water-using appliances, and even on your health. Water treatment systems will adjust the PH levels of your water to make it more healthy and less abrasive and acidic.


Typically, nitrates are residue from agricultural waste such as manure. If you live in an area surrounded by farms, your water is more likely to contain higher levels of nitrates. With a filter, you prevent these particles from entering your drinking water.

Soap Bubble Test

How much soap and detergent are you wasting because of hard water? This test demonstrates how much soap it currently takes to achieve suds and lather, versus how much would be required if you had clean, soft water. Stop wasting detergent and enjoy softer, longer lasting clothing!

Other Tests

We include the local township or municipality water test, as well. This test contains important information on levels of known contaminants in your area.

Choose Quality

Using 70 years of continually advancing technology, Puronics water treatment systems include water softeners, water filters, micro-filtration, ultra-filtration, bacteriostatic carbon filtration, reverse osmosis, and ultraviolet disinfection. Their systems prevent bacteria from growing inside the tank itself while killing bacteria that may enter the tank from your local city water or well water. Puronics is our preferred Water Treatment system because they provide the most efficient Water Softening System, using only 47 gallons of water per regeneration cycle. They also offer the best performance Water Purification System, accomplishing a flow rate of 14.9 gallons per minute. This ensures great water pressure, which means no wimpy showers!

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