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Become an Authorized Reseller

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Orbit Energy & Power is a Platinum Dealer of Puronics Water Conditioning Systems, it is always possible to go become a dealer for Puronics yourself BUT there are minimum purchasing requirements and shipping, not to mention the burden of inventory. We would suggest that you consider becoming an Authorized Reseller Agent for Orbit, let us worry about the stock and the shipping, you simply provide the solution and get paid, a very easy business model to increase your average ticket and boost revenues, not to mention improve the income of plumbers, technicians, etc.

The program allows for you to do your own installations, or preferably to allow us to do the installations.

There is a significant income potential, with options available based on your preferences. For example, you may want to sell the systems yourself, or maybe you would prefer to simply set up the appointment and let Orbit sell the system on your behalf.

Typically we work with a lot of Plumbing Companies, since they are in homes and deal with water all the time, however, we also have landscapers, electricians and other service people working with us.

Our program provides a turn-key solution which includes professional marketing, we (with your permission) will come to your office or location to train your staff on our process for introducing water treatment to a potential customer. This is important because we insist absolutely that none of our Authorized Reseller Agents ever use any type of fear tactic when presenting water softening or water purification systems.

Please keep in mind we have a full water lab in Mantua, NJ and we always encourage our agents to offer their customers the opportunity to come visit us, meet our team and bring a sample of their water from home to test.

We will be happy to cover all the details in person, please call us at (800) 836 3987 to learn more.

Benefits versus becoming a Puronics Reseller Directly:

  • NO STOCK – Puronics has minimum purchasing requirements, it is a big investment….With Orbit you can buy one Puronics at a time as you need it, no shipping charges or any other additional charges. No Stock/warehouse.
  • NO LIABILITY – a 2-year labor warranty is required “IF” you decide to do your own installs, after that Orbit holds a 5-year “Bumper to Bumper” Warranty on parts and labor. If we do the install you have zero liability.
  • NO LABOR NO RISK – Orbit will do all the work, all you have to do is get PAID. You can choose to do the installs if you want to. We will train you on the setup and startup of the system as well as provide any tech support needed.
  • MARKETING & TRAINING – Orbit has the expert staff to come to your office and train your staff on how to properly sell water purification. Orbit PROVIDES you with custom branded art for presentation or for print. Great first step for a company who may want to become their own dealer at a later date, AFTER the staff has been trained.
  • RECURRING SERVICE REVENUES – softeners are serviceable at the valve, in less than 30-minutes you can flush out the old carbon and replenish the unit with fresh carbon, typically this is done annually for an average of $288. The SilverShield carbon is $134/bag and YOU set the price not us so you can build in profit as you see fit. If you do not want to do the annual service, Orbit will contact the customer and provide the maintenance as required.
  • PROBLEM WATER IS NOT A PROBLEM – we are certified core members of the WQA and we have an actual water lab in Mantua, we are actually water experts, in addition to which we’re backed by Puronics. There is no such thing as a water problem that we cannot handle or deal with. From massive industrial water all the way down to basic reverse osmosis home drinking systems, we can handle any water situation, and that’s means you can too.
  • PROFESSIONAL MARKETING – Orbit will provide you with custom branded images as required, along with professional graphic design and print quality images for marketing, including a full presentation – for which we provide onsite training and support as needed. Images can be custom designed for your website, at no extra charge. We can also provide professional Water Test Kits for a charge of $581, or your company is always welcome to acquire test kits elsewhere. This is a turnkey solution for Water Purification.