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Puronics Defender Well Max

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The Puronics Defender Well is a whole home water softening system and water purification system specifically for Well Water. Not all Wells are the same, Orbit will Test the Water from your Well and design a solution to treat the Water that your home and family depend on. The Defender Well Max bundles the Puronics Micromax Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System (includes the Puronics PurAlkaline Cartridge which makes High Alkaline Water). The Defender Well Max delivers clean, soft water and ultra purified, high alkaline drinking water.

Well Water in New Jersey and surrounding areas frequently have issues with high levels of Iron, Sulfur, Calcium Magnesium, Turbidity (sediment in the water) and sometimes depending on the depth and location, well water can have low Alkaline (low PH) making it very acidic. Iron filtration – removing iron from well water, can be tricky. If the Iron is over 3ppm the standard softening resin will help but the well may require a more advanced system called an IronMax, which also treats and removes Sulfur (bad egg smell). We also test for Iron Bacteria and other potential well water contaminants. For wells with low Alkaline (low PH acidic water) we have the Puronics FA Series for Acid, this system stabilizes PH typically 7.5 or higher.

Puronics is celebrating their 70th anniversary, manufacturing water treatment systems in the USA since 1947. Millions of Puronics water conditioning systems are installed all over the world, the technology is proven and true.

The Puronics Defender Water Softening and Water Purification System Includes:

  • 5-year Bumper to Bumper No Hassle Warranty (100% Parts & Labor)
  • Professional Installation
  • Lifetime Warranty on the Tank
  • Lifetime Warranty on the Resin Softening Media
  • 160LBS Softening Salt (4x 40LB Bags)
    Pure & Gentle Soap Package
    (Available while supplies last)

Call Us Today (800) 836-3987 to set up a FREE Water Test in your home, at which time we will also evaluate how a system would be installed and provide you with accurate pricing. You can also bring a sample of water from your home to our water lab at 106 Mantua Blvd. Mantua, NJ and meet our team.