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Your family deserves clean, soft water. Orbit Water Solutions is dedicated to providing water treatment systems designed to clean and purify your home’s water! Enjoy healthier, cleaner, and better tasting water. Orbit is also home to expert plumbers, who can assist you with your home or business. Do you know what you’re drinking? Have your water tested for free today!

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Why Treat Your Water?

Untreated tap water has high levels of minerals, chemicals, and metals. These are harsh on both you and your belongings and may be costing you extra money! Improve the quality of your water by adding a water treatment system to your home. Orbit conducts free Water Quality Tests that determine the best treatment system for your water. Add a water softening or water filtration system to your home to improve your way of life and enjoy cleaner, safer, and better tasting water for the whole family!

Better Tasting Water

Water is essential for maintaining your body’s health. Puronics systems give you clean, clear, great tasting water- the way it is meant to be enjoyed!

No More Plastic Bottles

With clean, safe water available right in your home, you don’t need to purchase bottled water by the case! Just grab your stainless steel bottle and refill it with fresh, purified water.

Protect Your Pipes

Untreated water has high levels of minerals that cause buildup in your pipes. This causes pipes to clog and not work as they are meant to. Maintain your pipes and keep them working effectively with a water softening system.

Softer Skin, Silkier Hair

High quality water leaves your skin and hair feeling softer and healthier without all the expensive beauty products. Enjoy bubble baths with just soap and no harsh chemicals! Plus, skin conditions such as dry skin can be greatly improved.

Clothing Lasts Longer

Hard water leaves a harsh, abrasive soap curd in clothing that can damage the fabric. With soft, purified water, you need less detergent to get the job done better!

 Maintain Your Appliances

Minerals in your water wear out water-using appliances. This causes expensive maintenance and repairs. Avoid the damage by removing the harsh minerals from your water!

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Whether you live in New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, or Florida, we have teams equipped to assist you. Interested in going solar? Check out the benefits of solar in each of our service states below!

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“Orbit did a wonderful job on replacing my old water system. The quoted price of $7,400 was dropped to $5,000 after some promotions. Evan, our sales contact, was upfront and honest with what we needed versus what we didn’t. The previous quote we received from another company was $4,700 but only came with a 10 year warranty as opposed to the lifetime warranty Orbit has.The plumber was quick and efficient and Evan called back and scheduled a follow up for next week right after the job was complete. I would definitely suggest this company!!!”

Jamar B.

“They were fantastic! Very knowledgeable. Took time to answer all questions. A piece of my sink came apart during install and they came back the next day to fix everything without hesitation. Very satisfied and I love my alkaline filter!!! Already suggested them to several others. Do it! You won’t be disappointed. Great company!”

Jessica G.

“We are very impressed with the expertise shown by Orbit during all phases of the project. Nick was very thorough in explaining each aspect of testing of our water supply, and also in giving an overview of the surrounding communities water quality. He was completely knowledgeable about every feature the products offered, answering every question we had. We are absolutely delighted with Orbit and would highly recommend them! Installation was prompt, efficient, clean, and courteous. Results are outstanding.”

Gary S.